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Having trouble finding something? Try using our search function. You can punch in keywords for the specific symptoms you want to fight like stress, sleep, inflammation, pain, or anxiety. You don’t always have to search for the bad, we can help shine some light on the good! Try searching for the way you want to feel like: refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalized, healthy, calm, relaxed etc. Our products have been shown to help with so much that you may surprise yourself! You may think you want something to fight pain but you may find out that what you want also helps with anxiety and relaxation! You can search for frequently asked questions or contact information if you want to find your answer right away. Many of our customers were in your shoes once as they tried to improve their lives. Many of your questions may have already been answered. Simply type in your question and see if we’ve already answered it!

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All Titan Hemp CBD products are tested by certified 3rd party laboratories to guarantee purity and quality.

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If you live in the continental United States then you won’t have to spend a dime on shipping.

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Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients that are grown with the strictest standards to ensure safety.

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If you’re unsatisfied for any reason please reach out to us. We’ll do everything we can to help make it right.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for feel free to contact us at any time! We are available on the phone, on the web, or at our local office. You can send us an email, or even a handwritten letter if you want to! We’re located right here in the USA so we are ready to help you with whatever you need right away at a time that’s convenient for you! You don’t have to sit on hold waiting for a foreign call center worker to reluctantly take your call. We provide expedient service from a customer service representative that is highly skilled and knowledgeable that is happy to help you with everything you need! You don’t have to find the answers on your own, sure this search function can help but nothing beats our world-class customer service. Nothing beats Titan Hemp! 
Here at Titan Hemp we offer the highest quality CBD available. Choose quality, Choose Titan Hemp!

Get quality without compromise. What makes Titan Hemp great runs deeper than our premium ingredients grown only in the USA. Our customers' health is a top priority for us. We aren’t just a company that sells CBD. We are Titan Hemp.

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